It’s’Billy’ From ‘Black Christmas’ (1974)!

Who is Billy? What does he want? It’s not so easy to answer these questions, which is largely what makes Billy from “Black Christmas” such an interesting villain. We quickly learn three things for sure:
1. The guy can make some ultra psychotic sounding obscene prank calls.
2. He kills people (particularly women, although not exclusively).
3. He’s okay with hanging out in attics.

Of course, it should also be noted that Billy doesn’t really have a name. People just call him that because it’s a name used in one of his calls. In reality, he could be called many things, and certainly deserves to be.

Another thing should be noted: He was one of film’s early slasher villains, and may have played a role in inspiring various horror films since then. Also, the same guy who directed this movie — Bob Clark — also directed “A Christmas Story.” In other words, he is responsible for two influential Christmas themed movies, with each being quite different from the other.

Anyway, don’t let this movie make you fear your phone. You should fear people addicted to their phones instead.


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