Gill-man, AKA the ‘Creature from the Black Lagoon’

Many people call him “Gill-man,” but I have always called him “The Creature. Why? Perhaps “Gill-man” makes me think too much of Regis & Kathy Lee’s executive producer, Michael Gelman (Michael and Kelly who?). Or it could be simply that “The Creature” is more general, less on-the-nose.

In any case, this 1950s sci-fi horror icon has left a lasting impression on audiences, due partly to his slick design and Shakespearan range (okay, not so much for the last part).

While the monster is a sympathetic character of sorts, it’s also a clear menace to scientists aboard boats, and his rapey approach to women set human-to-Gill-man relations back for decades. Shame! Whil his motives aren’t entirely clear, one thing is clear: Women should not go swimming near him without mace and a rape whistle.

Oddly enough, I watched the full movie for the first time this month (April 2017), and saw it as a classic, simple-yet-effective story. I enjoyed it.


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