Monster: Pamela Voorhees, Friday the 13th (1980)

Spoiler alert!

Just kidding.  Practically everybody familiar with horror knows about Pamela Voorhees.  Still, as a technicality, I’ll talk about who she is.  Pamela Voorhees (Bestsy Palmer) is the mother of a deformed by named Jason who, apparently, had drowned while counselors at Camp Crystal Lake were screwing around.  This drove Mrs. Voorhees a little crazy — well, a lot of crazy — and started wreaking havoc upon the camp.

Originally she had killed two counselors, thinking it would close the camp down for good.  That didn’t quite work, so the next time the camp re-opened, she set some fires and poisoned the water.  All these incidents weren’t enough, though they did earn the camp the nickname of “Camp Blood” (and a local called “Crazy Ralph” is particularly vocal about its dangers).

crazy ralph

Crazy Ralph reminded people that they’ were doomed.  People didn’t listen, even though he was right.  Lesson learned?

When the camp is opened yet again, a whole bunch of bodies end up piling up, getting strewn about or thrown threw windows.  As she enacts her vengeance, the impression is given that she hears her son’s voice saying, “Kill them, mommy” (and the soundtrack hints at this, with the classic “ki ki ki, ma ma ma” audio gimmick).

One interesting thing:  Mrs. Voorhees isn’t even revealed as a character until near the end, which assured her story was a near-total mystery.  In the end, she loses her head (literally) to a survivor girl counselor named Alice (Adrienne King), but not before she had a chance to kill Kevin Bacon.


Okay, so the character’s name wasn’t Kevin Bacon, but who cares what the guy’s name is? The main point is, he got iced.

Years later, Jason himself would return to avenge his own mother’s death…like mother, like son.


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